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The renewed and unified website is here!

Hi friends! Just as we promised some time ago (sorry for the loooong delay), the new refurbished website with unified shop is finally here to stay!! We’ve been working hard to give you something better, so here you have the result of such efforts. We really do hope you like it. Feel free to navigate […]

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Nice website changes coming!

Hi friends!, the summer is still on and holidays are nice, but in Tequila Sunrise we keep on working to make things even better for you, guys. And we are not merely talking about we keep on composing new songs, but about technology and its implication with our website. A couple of months ago we […]

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New album, new website!

Hi friends! this is a very exciting moment in the history of Tequila Sunrise. On one side we have our newest release, Danger Zone, a 10 tracks hard rock, hard ‘n heavy, AOR record released by Perris Records worldwide. And on the other side we have this new and fresh website that is ready to connect you with our music. Read more