Nice website changes coming!

Hi friends!,

the summer is still on and holidays are nice, but in Tequila Sunrise we keep on working to make things even better for you, guys. And we are not merely talking about we keep on composing new songs, but about technology and its implication with our website.

A couple of months ago we launched our new website and online shop in order to make the site more powerful and resourceful for you all. Nevertheless, to us, it had a small flaw that is the online store was linked to an external site. As this is something we had to do as a previous step, we are ready to announce a new web redesign that will not only include a better version of the shop, but a combined environment so you won’t have to leave Tequila Sunrise’s site in order to shop. The easier the better.

We will be performing some minor changes in the systems in the next few days, but soon we will be announcing the final deployment date so you can be aware and ready for a short service interruption while we do “the magic”.

We all hope this represents a nice improvement to you!

Keep on rocking!

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