The band

Band location: Madrid (Spain)

Tequila Sunrise is a Hard Rock, Hard & Heavy and AOR band with English lyrics formed between 2010 and 2011.

Its members are professional musicians, each with a wide and varied music related professional career.

The band was founded by Rubén Santos, Ramón Blein and Cecilio Sánchez-Robles (Ankhara), and started its composition labor; a quick workflow and a great understanding between members soon allowed to build up a repertoire, in spite of not having found a lead singer who could fit and deliver what the band itself demanded. After trying several singers, for over two and a half years, Jorge Cortés (Steel Horse) was finally the chosen one to be the voice of Tequila Sunrise.

In 2015 the band recorded its very first EP, Nasty Habits.

Just when their first EP was released, the last member of the band, Jesús Acosta (bass guitar) joined on time for the band’s live debut and EP presentation in Madrid on November 2015.

The band has played in many venues and festivals since then, opening also for legendary bands such as Bonfire, King Kobra or Michael Vescera, and was elected as Band of the Week by Breath-Fresher Magazine in Japan, as well as Best Spanish Band of year 2015 in Spain by referendum at radio program Rock Angels.

In 2017 Tequila Sunrise recorded its LP debut, Danger Zone, that is bound to be released in March by USA company Perris Records. Danger Zone’s live presentation took place at Sala Copérnico, Madrid, on February 4th and it congregated over 400 people.

Danger Zone’s release has been a major success for the band, as the very first copies sent to USA and Japan were sold out during the first week.


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Jorge Cortés – Lead vocals

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Cecilio Sánchez-Robles – Guitar & backing vocals

_DSC5239 como objeto inteligente-1
Ramón Blein – Guitar

_DSC5422 como objeto inteligente-1
Rubén Santos – Drums

_DSC5310 como objeto inteligente-1
Jesús Acosta – Bass guitar