Rafabasa.com (Spain) about Nasty Habits

TEQUILA SUNRISE is a band of American Hard Rock eighties that overachieves its objective to sound as bands like KING KOBRA, DOKKEN or MR. BIG without falling into easy plagiarism or an overly repetitive cliché.

Although it has only four tracks, “Nasty Habits” offers a magnificent representation of the group’s sound and directives, and they manage to vary without a single step away from their line. (…) The sound also plays an important role, very clean with everything in place and with the right protagonism for each instrument, and the musicians also play a great role. (…) We will be looking forward to the evolution of TEQUILA SUNRISE as this “Nasty Habits” is a very well finished debut, which is noteworthy and is a hopeful start for the band.